Who are we ?

SoftPort is a part of the Softport Group owned by the Khalidi Group based in Hyderabad, India.

SoftPort India is a software development powerhouse supporting small and medium sized businesses all over the globe. We are driving Business efficiencies by building complex Management Systems, Web Solutions and Native Mobile Applications. We Custom Software for all your Software needs

SoftPort is a quickly developing Software Development Company growing and expanding armed with our wonderfully talented and determined technologists and designers that bring tremendous worth to Small and medium-sized Clients. We have a special formula that combines innovative programmers with and creative designers to deliver cutting edge beautifully designed functional software

Hunger to succeed
Client Satisfaction
On Time Delivery


SoftPort started out as a side business for its founders freelancing to make some extra cash on the side. The attention to detail and value-added services due to their management backgrounds made clients extremely happy which in turn brought in more business by word of mouth.

Gradually the side hustle became a full-time business, and SoftPort brought in investors recently to expand their footprint globally.

The founder’s vision is to make SoftPort a Global software powerhouse that can make India proud.



Our Strong arrangement of qualities characterizes the way of life that we endeavor to accomplish inside the organization and for you, as we can’t be what we are without our inserted ethics

We like to think out of the box and deploy technology in unconventional ways to save costs and improve productivity for the customer and the company. We dare to experiment and make mistakes to learn and improve
We value best practices that support our customers’ needs combined with cutting edge and unconventional technology to develop new future-ready solutions every day providing an unmatched caliber and Excellence
We believe in Excellence for ourselves as well as for our products and customers. Excellence is gained by striving for perfection

Our Work Ethic

We are a Compassionate business that believes in empowering individuals in achievement of their dreams. We believe in people not resources, our employees are carefully screened and shortlisted for their Technical Excellence. ambition, creativity, attitude towards customers, their work ethic, social & environmental responsibility along with the ability to learn fast and innovate.

We are a simple, straightforward company and value being close to reality. We hate bureaucracy & therefore adopt flexibility to accommodate our clientele’s requirements ensuring customer satisfaction
We support the customer with the best Technical, Management & Operational know-how, for you to achieve your objectives. We support ourselves internally to stay strong and focused to deliver quality products.

Our Approach

We are a small company with big dreams, and we strongly believe that Technology is a great leveler, therefore we support the small and medium sized businesses with technology to drive efficiency within the organization, boost productivity and increase sales or market share.

We treat the clients business as our own

Innovative and beautifully designed Software Development is our obsession.

We support our clients as partners and value long term relationships that are mutually fruitful, most of our clients return back to us and we provide ample support and expertise to leverage technology in their domains

Awesome Clients
Our customers are small and medium organizations who work with fantastic people. We work with clients whose culture closely reflects ours and thereby creating more synergies and fantastic teamwork
Innovative Problem Solvers
We take on the overwhelming problems projects and resolve them by cutting edge technology and creativity for our clients
Fueling Innovation
We cultivate creativity and nurture the best talent always training and mentoring our people to excel. We love to take on new things where we learn along with our clients.
Our Philosophy

Our founder’s ideology and success were working with ethical and driven individuals that wanted to change the world.

The same culture is reflected throughout the organization with people working together passionately to achieve their goals and dreams along with the organizational objectives.

This makes the SoftPort team a winning team which drives happiness.

Bring your Digital Dreams to life with


A company that is responsive to your needs and is willing to support you all the way. We produce applications that not only mesmerize, they work flawlessly to deliver the results each and every time

Driving Revenue
Ensuring you are future ready today
Fueling positive change
Boosting your business ambitions

Want to work with us?

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